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Century 21 is a real estate agent franchise company founded in 1971, which consists of approximately 9400 independently owned and operated franchised broker offices in 80 countries, with over 127,000 sales professionals.

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Case study: Facebook Advertising

Century 21, Brokerage / 2019

Needed Facebook Ads experts to take over our Social Media advertising efforts, to help us increase our annual number of new home seller acquisition by 30%.

We are thrilled what Vision37 has accomplished for us. We’ll definitely continue our collaboration in the years to come.”

– Tim V.



Before working with Tim’s Century21 team, they reported a combined annual investment in Facebook Ads of over $182,000, thus, generating a total of 251 new home sellers, over the past year. 

Old Client Acquisition Cost (CAC): $725

The Challenge

The challenge was simple: Increase the annual number of new home seller acquisition by at least 30% using the previous year’s budget [$182.000].

The Action Plan

  • Determine target audience & personas
  • Develop infrastructure and digital assets to support multi-ad campaigns targeting home sellers
  • Create/publish value content
  • Determine/use most effective hooks
  • Design a self-qualifying lead-gen funnel
  • Create dynamic Lead-Ads
  • Retarget audience based on segmentation-stage
  • Run drip e-marketing campaigns

The Results

After all was said and done, the brokerage’s new total investment in Facebook Ads for the following year was $103,164 thus generating 457 new home sellers.

New Client Acquisition Cost (CAC): $225


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This Facebook Advertising campaign helped the brokerage generate 82% more properties from new sellers, with a 43% lower investment in Facebook Ads.

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