Notice how Google My Business allows people to take actions they used to only be able to take on your website?


People don’t need to visit your website anymore to:

  • Call you
  • Message you
  • Ask questions
  • Post reviews
  • Find your offers and pricing

Your Google My Business page has all the core functions of a company website.


Remember, your best prospects – the ones using Google to find your products and services – don’t need to visit your site to decide if they want to do business with you.

The smartest companies know this and they’re doing something about it. 

In order to thrive on Google My Business, you have to stop thinking about it like a generic Yelp or Yellow Pages listing.

Because if you are, you’ll never be able to make Google My Business work. We mean really work.

But, if you’re ready to give Google My Business the respect it deserves, it will change everything for you:

  • More new customers
  • More returning customers
  • Pump-up your bottom line


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